Ideas are born where people meet

  • Year: 2018

Videum Science Park is a place for science, creativity and knowledge. The new house, called Hus Charlie, is a large premises of approximately 3,700 square meters of office space and approximately 2,000 square meters of common areas, including a restaurant and meeting rooms. The spaces are maximized in accordance with Videum's devis "Ideas are born where people meet".

Visitors to Videum Science Park´s new entrance hall are met by a special seating staircase with a so-called pitch scene. Here you should be able to give lectures or make presentations in relaxed forms, for example during the breakfast meeting.It is meant to be a drop in environment, where people can come and go as they please.

The possibilities for both planned and unplanned meetings are one of the theme and the red thread in Videum Science Park. It will also accommodate a large open simulator with VR technology that companies can book.

In total Hus Charlie is 5800 square meters and the first tenants moved in in October 2018. With the new building, the vision is to create the innovation environment of the future with the meeting between people in focus. To this Fagerhult has added a high lighting comfort for the tenants, with modern and sustainable luminiares.


Anders Wilderoth

Säljare Indoor

  • +46 36 10 86 20

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