NCC, Vargön : Sweden

NCC office, Vargön

An office building where the indoor and outdoor light work together

Along the E4 motorway through Jönköping there is a new illuminated office building, in the area called Vargön. The construction and property development company NCC has an office area of total 5000 sq m over two floors and a basement of 2 500 sq m including a car park. The façade is glass, which both lets the daylight in and keeps the sound out. A comprehensive lighting solution from Fagerhult using only LED luminaires, both indoor as well as outdoor, was delivered to make this a landmark along the second largest motorway in Sweden.


One of the key factors for creating a well thought-out lighting solution was the close collaboration with the architect Bert Noorlander from the very beginning. Fagerhult also conducted test installations with all parties involved, including the architect, client, specifier and installer.

The aim was to create an impressive outdoor lighting design when darkness falls, as well as a functional and decorative lighting solution for the office work indoors.

"We have chosen to invest more than usual in lighting for this project, and our goal was to maximize the use of energy-efficient lighting, such as LED. In combination with the glass façade it creates a modern look, as well as being a sustainable lighting solution.", says Pier Skörd, at the real estate company Västerhuset.

Maja Laveklint, Lighting advisor at Fagerhult explains further:

"It was important to let the indoor and outdoor light work together. That is why the recessed downlight Pleiad Evo is installed indoors, but only lit during the evening and night-time hours. This created an extra dimension and sense of depth for the outdoor façade."


An important detail that makes the building unique is the illuminated metal decoration that catches your eye from a distance. The minimalistic floodlight Microfocus was used to highlight the metal surfaces in different directions. For this lighting solution, a special bracket was developed to mount the luminaire to the construction. In order to find the right solution, the architect and the electrical contractor worked closely together.

Another focal point is the welcoming entrance, where several PoleLITE spotlights have been installed on higher posts in order to provide a soft vertical light from above and highlight the trees. The bollard Moai creates a glare-free light for visual guidance and compliments the architecture well.

The surface-mounted luminaire Skill is installed on the concrete wall that leads to the car park, where they appear as if they were integrated in the wall. The post top luminaire Vialume 1 has been installed on double brackets to efficiently spread the light on the parking area.

Stylish solutions for modern offices

In the corridors with ceiling windows a long unbroken line of light has been created with the recessed luminaire Notor LED dropped installed on the walls. Fagerhult’s timeless luminaire Notor is available in several versions and Notor installed on the walls is a somewhat unconventional solution. Though in this building the architecture and the light work well together, where the walls are used to create vertical surfaces with light. 

The suspended luminaire Gaudi Circular is inspired by classical architectural principles and it was chosen for the ceiling windows to break the straight lines and create a decorative installation in the open social areas.

A number of the small downlights DLS and DLC – in a squared or circular design ­– have been used to both create beautiful effects on the wall and to define the lounge area.

The recipe for success in this project has been the close co-operation amongst everyone involved – teamwork where light has been the focus.


Products from Simes are distributed via Fagerhult in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia.


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