Lammerink Installatiegroep : The Netherlands

Lammerink Installatiegroep

Activity based working as a standard

Fagerhult Netherlands has been working for a while with Lammerink Installatiegroep. When the director Erik Lammerink decided to expand their office, it presented a unique opportunity for them to update their lighting to the next level using the lastest LED technology.


Lammerink Installatiegroep is one of Fagerhult's well known creative partners, based in the East of the Netherlands. Both companies have worked on many projects together. 

Lammerink decided to expand their offices by annexing the building next door. One of the major changes was the move of the new entrance to the other side of the edifice which, due to the busy road, has become very visible. The building is completely energy-neutral and includes multiple sustainable installation techniques.  

The name of the company building is "Op moat" which means "Customized". The building is unique because the offices can be arranged flexibly through the use of removable glass walls. The offices are therefore very suited to Activity based working using modern technologies. Fagerhult's challenge in this project was to support this new way of working with flexible and smart lighting. 


With these modern offices and all its possibilities, smart, design lighting was a must. In order to support Activity based working, the lighting in the different rooms needed to be flexible and easy to adapt to its user. We therefore used tunable white in various spaces such as the director's office for example. 

Smooth LED lines decorate the corridors and give a clear sense of direction. The lighting is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. In some rooms, we proposed Itza. Defined by its trend-neutral, clean and simple lines, Itza creates harmonious and stimulating lighting environments where people thrive. The luminaire provides a comfortable combination of direct light and space-creating indirect light against walls and ceilings.  

And finally, an eye-catcher was needed for the entrance. Freedom was the one we proposed and it's stylish design blends perfectly with the whole building! 

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