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Kimen Cultural House

Where people meet

Building a cultural centre is all about creating an arena where people meet. Stjørdal municipality in Nord-Tröndelag County decided to create this arena. A meeting place for the Værnes region where both voluntary and professional culture can flourish. A house for a wide range of culture – all year round.


Kimen Cultural House is a project that contains three movie theatres, one concert and theatre hall, a smaller concert room, a library, the cultural school, a youth club, meeting rooms, an art gallery, a café, a church and 50 office workplaces. The whole building is 11,600 square meters.

Visitors are greeted by a black, huge building divided into various sections with the main entrance facing west. The façade is covered in a black metal mesh and gives the house a unique expression. The mesh veils the building in mystery while at the same time serves as a shield from the sun.


The cultural house is mainly lit with LED though some fittings with T5 or CFL were used in certain areas. The building is made for many different activities and the client as well as users searched for a supplier that could meet the architect’s demands at every level.

Inside the building there are surfaces of wood, metal and concrete combined with strong, vibrant colours. The ceilings in many areas are, like the façade, made of metal mesh with lighting placed above the mesh.

Mainly the choice has been 3000 K colour temperature but the concrete surfaces is lit with 4000 K resulting in a cooler and cleaner finish. As a matter of fact, Kimen won the Norwegian concrete building prize The Concrete Tablet 2015 for the use and design of the concrete.

A lot of the Fagerhult products in this project were made specially for the project, mainly with different coloured housings.

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