Home textile's in comfortable lighting

Hemtex was founded in Sweden 1973 and is today one of the Nordics leading retail shops that offer home textiles such as pillows, blankets and bed linen etc. Hemtex has approximately 160 shops in the Nordic countries as well as a well visited web shop.


The Hemtex shop in Sisjön, Gothenburg needed a face lift regarding their luminaires. Important was to lower the energy consumption since the shop had metal halide. The old luminaires were therefore replaced with LED. The LED technology is up to 30–70 % more efficient than traditional retail luminaires, and offers a long efficient lifetime.


As for the new luminaires Fagerhult chose the stylish spotlight Touch Midi in a white version. The luminaires contributed to a unified and clean look in the ceiling with a light that complements the fresh and subtle merchandise on display, creating a comfortable shop where you want to linger.

The result of the face lift is a new look where efforts has been on good lighting and to lower the maintenance as well as the energy consumption. Before the LED luminaires were installed the shop used 30W per square meter, today that number has decreased to 19 W per square meter. A great improvement in energy savings and lighting comfort.

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