Eversheds : UAE


Striking simplicity

“Simple and uncluttered” is the first impression you get on entering Eversheds Dubai, one of the world's largest corporate law firms. The prevalent colour is white, diluted by wood and interrupted by splashes of bright colours. Highly reflective glass partitions and marble surfaces accentuate the sharp and transparent feel; play of reflections against matt walls and colourful furniture create that contemporary look able to elevate a simple office to a designer space.


The brief was to emphasize modernity and zone the area with light without breaking its clean lines – to create a comfortable working environment without taking away from ambient lighting. Veiling reflections became a blessing and a curse: while giving that crisp jewelry feel, they cause disturbing glare when light planning is not meticulous.

Unlike many of contemporary offices designed with typical recessed light fittings, Eversheds was planned to be an activity-based office: with the advent of multiuse space, the need for good, glare-free lighting also increases, ensuring comfort and performance.


A mix of architectural suspended luminaires for task lighting and recessed long linear fittings was proposed to reflect the lines and shapes of the space and fulfil the lighting requirements.

The reception, waiting area and business lounge are interconnected with a different approach to all three: a striking feature ceiling with integrated LED strips that is supported by Pleiad Evo, an omni-directional downlighter with a matt reflector for achieving the required illuminance and cut-off glare angle; well-shielded maxi pendants above the coffee table. The business lounge is more secluded, therefore a more focused light was chosen: Ray by atelje Lyktan, a tubular narrow pendant with a concentrated light and low lumen output to keep the feeling of privacy.

Office areas needs to meet several criteria: visual comfort, namely distribution, uniformity, efficiency, glare control, on the other side, environmental and economic sustainability. For the open space office, a continuous recessed LED fitting was chosen.

For meeting rooms and manager offices, the design approach was to avoid monotony while using recessed fittings only and not to alter the main “simplicity” concept. Notor in rectangular shapes distinguish manager’s offices and was chosen for its perfect uniformly lit corners that don’t break the shape. The meeting rooms are utilizing heterogeneous suspended fittings: Pozzo, Gaudi linear and Gaudi circular. All of them have good performance, light distributions and glare control conjoint with attractive fitting design – a winning combination for modern offices.

The pantry area is a focal point, designed in a completely different manner: more casual, relaxing atmosphere with open black ceiling and exposed MEP services accomodate atelje Lyktan’s Cobbler pendants in retro style, with copper shades and discreet light sources, for an old pub effect.