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Caroli Church

Modern lighting for a historical landmark

Caroli Church is the oldest building in Borås, Sweden, completed in 1690 with the present tower dating from the mid-1800s. King Karl XI (1655 – 1697) contributed to the church´s reconstruction after a fire and granted permission for it to be named Caroli Church, the name it still has today. Earlier there was a graveyard around the church where a total of 17,000 people have been buried over the years, but today just one tombstone remains.


Since the Caroli Church is a listed building with an Ecclesiastical cultural heritage every change needed careful consideration in order to achieve a balance between improvement and necessity. During the project a lot of test installations were made on site, using various fittings. The aim was to improve the lighting and emphasise the exterior while at the same time remaining sympathetic to the building’s historical architecture.


Inside the church two types of fittings were designed especially for the project. There are three large chandeliers suspended from the ceiling but, in order to create more general light in the main body of the church, a fitting, specially designed and developed by Fagerhult was produced. Around the suspension rods for two of the old chandeliers a parted ring with six Zone Evo was attached with great effect.

The other fitting was an uplighter with asymmetrical light distribution to light and enhance the beautifully painted ceiling. These were placed on the pillars and painted to blend in with the background so that they are invisible from the floor.

To light the pulpit and the altar, Zone Evo were installed on iTrack. All interior lighting is controlled and includes numerous lighting settings for various activities or ceremonies.

The lighting of the exterior and its surroundings have also been updated and designed with a view to improving the previously very dark surrounding area as well as making the church itself a landmark in the city centre.

For the exterior, along with Fagerhults OnGround and PoleLITE, fittings from SIMES were used. Walkways and stairs were lit with Concrete Wall and Concrete Bollard in various sizes. For the façade a combination of fittings from SIMES were used, all of them specially painted to blend in on the façade. The tower itself is lit from a distance with four Simes Minifocus and for special occasions there are also four RGB spots to wash the tower in coloured light.

“The project has run very well together with Fagerhult” says Fredrik Noren from Myrås El. And both I, Niclas and the church people are very satisfied with the project. For the lighting control I have created lighting scenes for every occasion, from funerals to meditation to weddings. The lighting is wirelessly controlled from a tablet, except for the candles. One can say that the church is 100 % digital, even the hymns text is displayed on screens.”

Products from Simes are distributed via Fagerhult in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia.

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