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University Hill

Energy efficient Lunova is making the world a brighter place

Good lighting during the darkest hours can make you feel safe and secure. The University of Turku in Finland needed to upgrade the lighting in able to rise the sense of security for those who are walking or biking in the area closest to the university campus. They did it with a little help from Fagerhult’s Lunova.


The old city of Turku on the southwest coast of Finland is the oldest city in Finland and also the country´s first capital. Turku has also a longer educational history than any other Finnish city. The first university in Finland, The Royal Academy of Turku,  was established in the city in 1640. The modern University of Turku was founded in 1920. Yliopistonmäki (University Hill) is one of the seven hills in Turku and the home of the university and the campus area.


Replacement of old luminaires

The client wanted to replace the old-fashioned luminaires with inefficient mercury light sources (125 W) and was looking for cost- and energy-efficient, post-mounted LED luminaires with a night-time dimming possibility. Luminaires from several suppliers were compared and the test installations were made in September 2014. At the end, the energy efficient Lunova with night-time dimming stood out as a winner and was chosen for the project. The omnidirectional light distribution together with the excellent visual comfort turned out to be very important for the client.

Lunova blends in well

Fagerhult delivered 80 pcs of Lunova luminaires to Yliopistonmäki. The post-top fittings were installed on already existing white posts along the footpaths and in close to the buildings.  Lunova's classic design fits excellent in both modern and traditional environments, and this campus area is really a mixture of both. 

Saving energy with night-time dimming

The luminaires are equipped with night-time dimming. This means the installation is adjusted down to 50 percent from the light cycle’s centre point and six hours ahead. When six hours have passed, the installation is adjusted up to 100 percent. Really smart when you want to save energy!


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