Sundbyberg : Sweden

Swedbank Head Office

A modern high technology office with Tunable White.

Swedbank’s new international head office is an innovative interpretation of the core values of the organisation; Openness, Simplicity and Care – all materialised in a modern office space.


In May 2014, Swedbank’s new head office was opened. The building’s triple-V structure breaks up the volume, thus creating a welcoming, open environment for employees and visitors alike. The main aim was to create an inspiring and energising environment, focusing on meeting areas that reflect the bank's new working philosophy. 

The building

The structure is built using the latest technology. It is modern with several different office space types. The building has 45.000 m2 of office space and was built on the site of an old car park. The building, housing the activity-based offices, which comprises about 2.500 workspaces, was designed by 3XN, while the interior design was the work of Tengboms.


To meet the need of modern technology Fagerhult specially designed two luminaire types, one circular and one linear.

Custom made linear Notor was installed in the activity-based office areas. The luminaire is recessed and gives an even light from end to end. This enhances the visual appeal ensuring illuminated corners.

The circular luminaire was made in two different sizes: 1.2 m and 2.4 m diameter. Both controlled with Tunable White, the varied sizes created a dynamic effect on the ceiling.

Tunable White

This head office also embraces the functions that are part of a smart office of the future by using different colour temperatures, so called Tunable White. For this project a router solution was used that varies light over time and adjusts the colour temperature, mimicking the light outdoors. The dynamic light means the colour temperatures can be adjusted, where blue light activates and warm light calms. 

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