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Rimi Hypermarket at Nordika

Grocery shopping at Lithuania's new attraction point

Retail trends are fast and flexible. And so are the trends within food. Middle age, young people and early adopters, they all desire the latest and best primary products as well as new experiences in the store. Is it possible to reach these demands with the help of lighting and track systems? The answer is yes. Rimi Hypermarket at Nordika shopping valley in Lithuania is a great example.


Never before have we been as interested in food as we are today, we embrace new ingredients and concepts as if they were our own inventions. Supermarkets and hypermarkets, stores with large areas and long opening hours, have a lot of time and space to inspire their customers to purchase groceries.

Nordika shopping valley

At the new Nordika shopping valley in Lithuania, near Vilnius International Airport, the retail chain Rimi opened
a new hypermarket in late 2015. Nordika shopping valley is predicted to be a fast developing area and a new attraction point both for Lithuanians and people from neighbouring countries. These factors made it a perfect choice for Rimi, part of ICA group, as one of the leading retailers in the Baltic States to open a new store.

Rimi has an impressive 5500 square metre large shopping area with fresh fruits, vegetables, newly baked pastries, meat and dairy products. They have a wide range of products and followed some of the latest retail food trends, like opening their own sushi and juice bar at the store, to meet their customers’ requirements.

Efficiency effort

One of the main demands for stores today is energy efficiency. It is important to put every effort into future proofed solutions, thinking outside the box, for the environment and to make significant energy savings.

Rimi Nordika was thinking environment-friendly from the beginning, from efficient heating and cooling but also regarding lighting.


Mindaugas Survilas, Project Manager at Rimi Lithuania tells us about the building’s heating system at Nordica shopping valley, a modern and economical future proofed solution. Rimi continued on the same path and used a heat recovery system from their cooling system, but also a flexible lighting solution with the iTrack system from Fagerhult.

The chosen lighting solution reduces the energy bill without affecting the lighting effect in the store. the track system Large areas, such as a hypermarket needs sufficient general lighting for both sales and aisles. The right lighting will guide the customer in the aisles while at the same time highlighting the merchandises. An iTrack solution makes this possible. iTrack allows numerous luminaries to act in unison making it suitable for large areas such as supermarkets. The robust track enables an installation in a long line along the large aisles in the store.  

iTrack is designed for fast and efficient installation and cuts time by 80 % compared to a traditional hard wired system.  Dupio luminaires installed in a approximately 1500 metre iTrack system create an even light in the store while at the same time having the option to easily aim the lighting at merchandise in the aisles. finding flexibility Mindaugas Survilas at Rimi Lithuania continues by saying that the best thing with this lighting solution is the flexibility.

“The flexibility in the lighting is important: to have the freedom to cover the store with light wherever you like to. It is also important that it creates the right feeling that is specific for the brand Rimi Lithuania. I think the fact that we are using luminaries from Fagerhult in all new Rimi Lithuania stores – proves our trust in Fagerhult products and creates that special working relationship.”

The final result is low energy and maintenance costs minimizing the environmental impact and helping to increase sales in store. The store measures 20 W/m2.  

With new positioning of interior or activities within the area this solution can be easily and quickly adapted accordingly. By using the iTrack system it is also
easy to add new luminaires, controls, emergency lighting and speakers in the future.

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