Linköping University Hospital : Sweden

Linköping University Hospital - Phase 1

65 000 sq m with light from Fagerhult

Linköping University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Sweden and also one of the first and largest projects where Fagerhult's Eira was delivered. In the development of the luminaire, valuable feedback from the Linköping University Hospital was given. The result was more than 1300 Eira luminaires delivered so far to this reconstruction, which will be finalised in 2021.


Linköping University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Sweden and has more than 5000 employees. The hospital is undergoing renovation and new buildings are being added. The first phase of this large Health and Care project is the new building of 65 000 square meters called FUS1. It comprises a hospital with 165 inpatient beds in single rooms. Fagerhult supplied the final luminaires to this project in late 2015. The complete reconstruction is planned to be finished​​ in 2021 and the next phase is called FUS2 where Fagerhult is also engaged.

The focus of the project was patient lead, therefore an environment with many open spaces has been created, where patients can interact. The receptions are located on the first floor, to protect patient privacy and to increase accessibility for the visitors. Other important considerations have been to optimize the energy consumption and to create a good indoor environment for both personnel and patients alike. There has also been a wish to take advantage of natural light as much as possible.


As the project started, Fagerhult was creating Eira together with Speirs + Major, based on their vision of how modern healthcare lighting should perform. Since this luminaire fitted well with the request from Linköping University Hospital, Eira was chosen for the patient rooms. Eira provides a controlled, focused light, packaged within a slim, aesthetic glowing form for a less clinical feel. The luminaire is using both lens technology and opal surfaces, lenses via a performance ring for task lighting with mechanical cut off for reducing the risk of glare to the patient and the opal surface for general lighting.

Linköping University Hospital was one of the first and largest projects where Eira was delivered and valuable feedback from the customer was given in the development of the luminaire. Eira was installed in all 165 patient rooms together with Fagerhult’s Aluflex 600, a luminaire for mounting in medical supply units.

For this project not only luminaires were in focus, but also lighting controls. In a close collaboration with the customer, it was decided to choose Fagerhult’s offer e-Sense Customised. Since Fagerhult was involved early in the project, this truly customised solution could be delivered, where for example new technic with tunable white was installed to meet the future needs of light in Health & Care environments.

As in all hospitals, there are quite a few different areas to illuminate. Other luminaires were delivered such as Vidi* in the corridors, Closs and Notor Opal in the offices, Notor recessed Delta and Pozzo LED in the group rooms and conference rooms, Telescope Aqua in staircases and Multilume Hydro Beta in operation theatres. Also, a special luminaire was developed for the basement areas with a screen print of Linköping town centre, to create a feeling of windows there.

*Vidi is no longer in production

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