Trollhättan : Sweden


Edgy light

To match their edgy image, the extensive 600 square meter Junkyard flagship store in Trollhättan needed an upgrade, involving new interior design as well as lighting.


Junkyard primarily sells cloths and accessories online to people active within the snow-and skateboarding scene - and the objective was to create a complete store concept appealing to this target group.

Dynamic and laidback atmosphere

Fagerhult, retail lighting solutions, was contacted with the mission to create a suitable lighting solution supporting the edgy brand; and there were little frameworks to the request. All suggestions and ideas were welcomed in creating a dynamic and laidback atmosphere.

“Creative chaos”

The previous lighting installation, containing florescent tubes, did not match the identity and the atmosphere that Junkyard wanted to achieve. They wanted take the opportunity to create a stimulating experience for the customers enhancing the store brand. Fagerhult, given no restrictions, immediately saw the potential in creating an inspiring solution that would fit Junkyard perfectly. Soon the idea of “creative chaos” was born.


In the early sketches a large number of black ZoneBoxes was lined up neatly one after another in the ceiling. This luminaire was chosen because of its raw, rectangular design equivalent to the edges of a skateboard ramp (the original thought was also to put skateboard stickers all over the fixture enhancing these traits). Soon the tidily lines were distorted into randomly positions creating a clutter of light, but still in well-thought out positions illuminating the merchandise with sufficient light. Order and structure has no place in the Junkyard world and the light should reflect this as well.

Eye-catching elements

Adding more impact, blue LED strips were aimed towards the walls creating a cool, relaxing effect in the store. This way a nice contrast between the cold light and the warm products was created, making the merchandise even more engaging. More eye-catching elements in the store were the set of Iceberg fixtures installed over the floating display (attached in large chains) in the middle of the store; as well as the retro looking pendants with metal bars over the cashier desk.

Tracks and integrated light

Furthermore some accentuating Catwalk Maxi, were installed in a track over an actual skate ramp placed in the inner parts if the store. ZonePointand ZoneSingle luminaires were used along the walls highlighting products nicely and Catwalk Inside in the entrance. The fitting rooms were equipped with mirrors in which Thinlite*2) luminaires were integrated providing a soft light.

Enhancing the store brand

The new lighting concept worked perfectly with the new edgy interior making a powerful statement enhancing the store brand. The lighting concept of Junkyard makes a perfect example of the importance of light and how it, despite of its abstract nature, work as a design element adding value.

Junkyard was thrilled over the refreshed store - the creative lighting concept lifting it to new heights. The rumor of the new store is already spreading and business is flourishing.

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