Valby : Denmark


Green approach on light

Irma is an ecological chain of supermarkets in Denmark. The exclusive, green supermarket reflects a lifestyle and a way of living as the store offers a wide range of ecological products and other specialties.


The lighting in the exclusive supermarket needed an upgrade. One reason for choosing Fagerhult was that they wanted to use only one lighting supplier instead of several different ones. It was important that the lighting would match the brand and target group of Irma.

Green approach

Since the supermarket is ecological and wanted a “green approach” a sustainable solution was given. An energy optimized, dynamic and comfortable lighting with lower levels of light adjusted to the layout of the interior was suggested by Fagerhult.


ZonePoint* 35 W MTC medium and narrow beam was selected as accent lighting along the walls. Over the counter a cashier luminaire  was installed – and the request of a better working environment for the employees was fulfilled.

Warm colours for the fruit department

In the fruit department the warm colours of fruit and vegetables were enhanced. ZonePoint*35 W medium equipped with the latest development – the golden reflector, was used. This way, the groceries looks even more inviting to the customers.

Less heat and more lighting

The wine department got a more distinctive division where the wine bottles were delicately highlighted with the small 35 W medium beam spotlight in chrome. The spotlight performed the job well in terms of both design and effect. The large number of luminaires used previously created too much heat in the area. Presently, a light source that create more lighting and less heat are used. By choosing metal halide it is possible to reduce the numbers of luminaires and still enhance the light experience.

The result was a win-win situation where cost reductions were reached through energy optimization and better lighting solutions; even if they now had more exclusive fixtures and a more exclusive feeling in the shop.

*Zone Point is no longer in production.