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Total LED shop

Hygena is one of the best-known kitchen brands in France. The Hygena brand offers complete kitchen solutions through about 127 wholly owned stores. All shops are between 100 and 600 m2, and include exhibition, shop and office area.


In connection with the total refurbishment of the shops the customer's request was to get an installation with low level of maintenance, low energy consumption and efficient lighting. A truly sustainable project.

Optimized lighting solution

Fagerhult proposed an optimized lighting solution with about half the number of fixtures compared to the old solution. This was possible because of an advanced and well-planned lighting design, which really focused on aiming the light correctly and accentuating important areas. Still, Fagerhult managed to raise the lighting level with more than 30 %.

The result is a really clean and sophisticated solution with much shorter installation time than the previous installation. The product delivered to this project was a version of Noc 1300 lumen, developed specifically for Hygena.


Hygena needed a luminaire that could be attached in the 40 mm thick soft tile ceiling. Fagerhult changed the construction of the luminaire for the springs to be able to attach the thick ceiling properly. To create a homely feeling and add eye-catching features, there were also several different decorative pendants from the Fagerhult range installed.

Fagerhult France developed a new solution for us that gave more and better light, cost less in investment and less in running costs. They went all the way to get it installed in a very short time juggling between different factories and their customer being in France and Sweden. They did this in a very professional way and gave us satisfaction in each part of the process, says Per Kaufmann Head of Continental ­European Retail at Nobia.

For 117 more shops

Hygena was very satisfied in terms of the concept, design, quality of the products supplied and high quality of light rendering. And as a result of this Fagerhult will deliver the lighting for a total of 117 Hygena shops in France.

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