Dolce Vita : Russia

Dolce Vita Man

Interior design that brings forward drama and mystery

The first and the second stores could serve as a juxtaposition: Dolce Vita interior design brings forward drama and mystery thus creating the theatrical diva feeling.


Dolce Vita Man was planned white and clean to accentuate the contrast and play on the dichotomies –  Yin/Yan, female/male, dark/light; making it easier to navigate and make Dolce Vita Man a clear choice for the target group.


The concept shaped the proposed lighting solution: white spotlights on tracks along and across the room (as a deviation from the recessed Zone Points* in the first store) constitute the accent and general lighting, downlights were aligned along the changing room curtains emphasizing the drapes, creating a slight wall washing effect and adding on light to the high ceiling voluminous space.

Eye-catching element

A glance trim luminaire floating over the display table complements the high reflection white floor and glass partitions; it functions as an eye-catching element and a teaser to the people passing by.

Thus opposites come together and fit perfectly in a puzzle: both boutiques are so different in appearance but united by impeccable style and the line of Fagerhult Retail products.

* Zone Point is no longer in production. Please see Zone Evo G2.