Azbuka Vkusa – nominated to the Crystal Clear Award 2014

Half the energy consumption when changing to LED

Azbuka Vkusa is one of the most successful Russian premium food retailers. When they renovated their store they wanted a lighting system that would emphasize the retailer's premium status and at the same time significantly reduced electricity consumption and maintenance costs. With the new LED spotlight family Zone Evo from Fagerhult they managed to reduce the electricity bill more than 50 % and get an energy consumtion of 13,56 W per squaremeter.


Many stores have a combination of metal halide and fluorescent fixtures. By changing to more energy efficient luminaires there is much to save; not just by reducing the energy cost, LED luminaires also requires minimum maintenance.

This was shown when Azbuka Vkusa did a makeover of their premium store. A sustainable solution with significantly cut down electricity and maintenance costs was desired. The metal halide and fluorescent fixtures were changed to a LED spotlight family and in total the project has 90 % LED which reduced the electrical bills with more than 50 %.


The design and technical brief from Fagerhult contained a solution around the new Zone Evo spotlight family – all in LED. It became a well-suited design that matched and enhanced the premium atmosphere. Fagerhult in Russia analyzed different stores in Russia and Europe and received necessary input from the client.

The Zone spotlight family has been in Fagerhult’s assortment in more than 10 years and Zone Evo is the LED edition to the family. Zone Evos key word are minimalism and balance, with a design that keeps the visual experience longer, just as the life length. With the help of a segmented MIRO reflector the illumination of the vertical surfaces has also been considerably improved.

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