Moscow : Russia

Azbuka Vkusa

Light enhancing the store experience

The premium Russian food store chain Azbuka Vkusa opened a new special supermarket in Moscow focusing on how the children experience the store. Fagerhult enhanced the unique design and atmosphere by using special lighting solutions for each area.


Azbuka Vkusa created a retail concept together with the retail company JosDeVries. The children got their own route marked and highlighted at the store with colour ceramic tiles that lead them to exciting places in the store.


The distinct entrance is decorated with a giant watermelon and Relay spot creates a spotty lighting effect inside the watermelon. Relay spot* is small LED spotlight family that is easily fitted into the interior, perfect for integrated lighting.

The general lighting is provided by Pleiad downlights and the super ellipse shape of the pendant Tibi gives a crisp light at the entrance and over the cash desks.

With a retro-looking Abell pendant a decorative lighting is created over the cheese- and bread counters.

These are some of the solutions for each area where lighting is planned to enhance all the fun experience the kids will have in the store.

*Relay Spot G2 is no longer in production.