LEDs with Flip Chip Technology

Thanks to new technological innovations, we are now able to produce even more energy-efficient LEDs. The new flip chip technology lowers costs and energy consumption, and minimises our ecological footprint.

Greater efficiency equals less environmental impact

The latest version of the Ljusamallen lighting guide (2019) presented new guidelines for the lifespan and energy-efficiency of luminaires. A new requirement is that lighting planning in certain segments must be calculated using light levels beyond 100,000 hours. A high L-value for luminaires and little or no light depreciation may result in fewer luminaires being needed in a room. This, together with increased efficiency and minimal light depreciation, is something we can all benefit from, not least the environment.

High performance, low maintenance

LED luminaires are essentially maintenance-free, since the bulbs do not require replacing. They contain no moving or fragile parts, and – if properly designed – LED luminaires withstand vibrations and other disturbances in the room very well. In areas with a lot of movement, such as sports halls or industries where the luminaires are usually high up on the ceiling, little maintenance and high durability make daily operations easier. Another advantage of their durability is gained by facilities which operate around the clock. For hospitals and hotels, for example, downtime due to maintenance can be costly and difficult to plan for.

Example 1. InduLED 15000lm L80

Roomheight: 10.000 m, Mounting height: 9.000 m, Maintenance factor: 0.68

 Nr.  Amount Designation (Correction factor)  (Luminaire) (lm)
 1  60  Fagerhult 32943 InduLED 1200 Hi    Medium 4000K (Typ 1)* (1.000)  14995

* Modified technical data

Example 2. InduLED 13500lm L100

Room height: 10.000 m, Mounting height: 9.000 m, Maintenance factor: 0.86

 Nr.  Amount Designation (Correction factor)  (Luminaire) (lm)
 1  51  Fagerhult Eulumdat 13504lm L191604_01 InduLED 1200 Medium (1.000)  13500


LEDs with Flip Chip Technology

In 2019, Fagerhult is launching new LEDs with flip chip technology. Flip chip technology is relatively new and involves mounting the chip upside down in the LED housing (in relation to so-called Epi-Up). The design of the chips improves heat dissipation, which will further reduce energy consumption with up to 20% less energy consumed compared to current LEDs. The LEDs also preserve the long luminaire lifespan of 100,000 hours without light depreciation. The new flip chip LEDs are being launched primarily for luminaires in segments where lighting is seldom replaced, positioned high up on ceilings, or in use around the clock.

Owing to the long lifespan of the luminaires and bulbs, as well as the low energy consumption, an investment into a Fagerhult luminaire with flip chip LEDs is an investment into the future. The high durability and low maintenance result in hassle-free lighting in the premises.



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