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Väla Centre

Shopping experience in Fagerhult light

The modern shopping center Väla Centrum is covered with light from Fagerhult, from the stores and general areas inside to the playgrounds and parking lots outside.


Väla Centrum is a shopping mall just outside of Helsingborg in Sweden. The Nordic council of shopping centers (NCSC) appointed Väla Centrum to the Best Nordic Shopping Centre of the year at the NCSC Nordic Awards 2013.

The extension of  20 000 squaremeter new construction were designed by Ågren, one of the leading players in the Nordic market in the area of commercial development. In a successful way they designed the centre to a high-class modern meeting place, both indoors and outdoors, creatively creating new modern shapes with large volumes that was coherent to the previous design.

The centre is now one of the largest in Sweden with 170 shops with different kind of chain stores, boutiques and restaurants.

This was a great project for Fagerhult that shows our breadth, says Technical Salesman Mattias Olofsson Lagerqvist.


Väla centrum is a good example of Fagerhult’s ability to deliver light to the whole project. Fagerhult have illuminated several areas in the centre such as the shops and general areas inside, entrances and the playgrounds and parking lots outside.

Notor light lines forms intriguing patterns in the ceiling giving light to the open spaced shopping squares and Pleiad downlights provides a great general light. The spotlight Zone Point* and Dome pendant illuminates the passages between the shops.

* Zone Point is no longer in production. Please see Zone Evo G2.

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Mattias Olofsson-Lagerqvist

Sales Manager

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Mattias Olofsson Lagerqvist