Ringwood : Australia


Great iTrack project

iTrack has been chosen to light up at least six of Kmart’s stores in Australia. Lighting designers Simon Fisher and Mike Brown of LAPD, based in the United Kingdom, were contracted by Kmart to come up with the new lighting design.


Kmart operates 182 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand and employs thousands of local residents. Kmart’s massive range of products, includes men's, women's and children's wear; garden; home; health & beauty; outdoor living; entertainment; toys & sporting; camping & fishing; automotive; DIY and everyday needs.

Kmart are running an extensive media campaign to raise their profile across Australia and New Zealand. “Expect change” included the installation of the iTrack, painting the ceiling and walls, removal of the old recessed fluorescent fittings and the installation of new gondolas, signage and check outs.


One of the main criteria's for the new lighting system was energy efficiency and ease of installation. ITrack was selected as a solution incorporating the highly efficient Line fittings with medium beam reflectors and the use of a wall washer reflector around the perimeter of the store.

Different lamp wattages and colour temperatures were used to create subtle layers of light, says Simon Fisher, Director at LAPD. The wattage difference between product types ensured that the lamps could not be mixed during maintenance, he continues.

Thanks to iTrack, Kmart's first store, Eastland, has been delivered on time and delivering a 44.8% energy saving compared to the original scheme. The design of the iTrack layout means that the space can cope easily with changes in seasonal merchandising and also future store re-designs.