Arnhem : The Netherlands


Fresh and modern

Creaforti specialises in telecommunication for the business market. The concept of the new Creaforti showroom was created by “Creops design office” and the lighting plan by Fagerhult. Closely involved together – an optimal light plan suited for the project was developed.


The interior of the Creaforti showroom is of a very clean design in black/white high gloss. Since the floor is white as well Creaforti wanted luminaires which would fit the styling and perception of the showroom. The required lighting needed to be processed in the system ceiling as tight as possible.

Successful project

The showroom shows perfectly that “Creaforti Telecommunicatie” is the specialist in telecommunication for the business market. The client is very pleased and moreover the responses of the customers are once more very positive – they experience the shop as very tight, fresh and modern. Lastly the installer was very satisfied about the installation friendliness of all the fixtures. Creaforti is a successful project with a lot of praising words and feedback.


The main points were to work as little as possible with loose spots, and instead form everything in long-drawn-out lines. With all this in mind, ZoneRunner was chosen, in spite of the fact that it concerned a system ceiling. In advance everything was properly communicated with the ceiling constructors. In the system the ZoneWide Opal was applied as a basis. A beautiful, diffuse lighting has arisen without unpleasant reflection in the high gloss furniture and the floor.

Additional light and awarded design

Between the ZoneWide Opal the ZoneBeam spots were put in, alternatively with medium- and narrow beam. Speakers were integrated as well. To emphasize the tight lines Pleiad Squares were placed under the black, low ceiling and above the desk pendant, Avion.

Avion is the new Red Dot Design Awarded luminaire that with its ideal colour combination and slim design is perfect for the current trends in interior design.


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