Reduced energy consumption with 50 %

Anttila is one of the largest non-food retailers in Finland. Fagerhult was chosen to deliver a lighting solution that had to create the same feeling as in a small boutique and to decrease the energy consumption.


Lowered energy consumtion was achieved by decreasing general lighting and by adding accent lighting. Fagerhults new lighting solution reduced the energy consumption with 50 %, compared with the old installation. The solution was created with the intelligent track system iTrack.


The lighting levels in the new solution can be dimmed to the level of 20 % if there are no customers in the area. When the sensors observe movement, general lighting will reach the level of 100 % in six seconds. The visual impression of the department store was preserved, because the accent lighting was not dimmed.

Flexible luminaires

Light fittings could be placed anywhere on the track and it is easy and fast to move or to change the fittings, without any extra connections. This possibility brings flexibility to the changing retail environments and savings when it comes to installation costs.

Further savings will be done since the cooling system does not need the same amount of energy.

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