Vialume 1

A post top luminaire with AGC lenses for excellent lighting properties and visual comfort, ideal for streets, footpaths, bicycle paths and smaller car parks. CLO for output consistency as standard.


Post top luminaire which in its standard design is mounted on a Ø 48 mm post arm bracket.60 mm post top bracket supplied with luminaire. For other mounting types and other options, see Accessories which are ordered separately. Variable tilting function ± 15º for perfect installation. Post height 5–8 m.


Connection cable 3x1.5 mm² type H07RN-F. 8 m up to 4300 lm. 10 m between 4301–7300 lm. 12 m between 7301–10300 lm. DALI version available on request, delivered with a 5-pin cable. Other cable versions on request.


Body and post bracket in cast aluminium. Aluminium-zinc coated stainless screws. Driver is integrated in the luminaire. Hardened flat glass IK09. PMMA diffuser with IK10 on request.


AGC-lenses (Advanced Glare Control). The E-lens are designed to focus on illuminance. L lenses are ideal if the luminance from the ground is the main priority.


e-Sense Motion –PIR sensors with presence detection. Wireless communication via radio protocol.
e-Sense Motion Linked – a wireless system for one or more DALI luminaires. Can be up-graded to e-Sense Motion Connected.
e-Sense Motion Connected – a web-based solution with the ability to remotely control and review the lighting via a cloud hosted gateway which interacts with the installation. An additional subscription is required.
Night-time dimming 1 – dims down for six hours.
Night-time dimming 2 – dims down for eight hours.
DALI version are available on request.

Designed by

ÅF Lighting and Tuxen Design.

Standard Colour

Alu-grey (RAL 9006, semi-gloss).
Anthracite grey (Gris 900 Sablé), black (RAL 9005) or white (RAL 9010, semi-gloss) on request.


Driver with integrated surge protection (6 kV).
Extra surge protection (10 kV) available on request.


Zhaga or NEMA socket on request.

CLO (Constant Light Output) maintains the correct light from the luminaire for the duration of its rated life.


A Nordic expression – several areas of applicationTaking inspiration from the beautiful Nordic light, we created Vialume 1 – Fagerhult’s first self-manufactured post top luminaire for city streets, smaller roads and car parks....

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Name Description
Name Description
Bracket for Vialume 1Bracket for Ø 76 mm post top. Alu-grey.309902
Bracket for Vialume 1Bracket for Ø 60 mm post top. Alu-grey.309901
Double post-top bracket for Vialume 1Double post-top bracket for Ø 76 mm post top. Alu-grey.309904
Double post-top bracket for Vialume 1Double post-top bracket for Ø 60 mm post top. Alu-grey.309903
no-image placeholder Spigot for post arm Ø 60 mmAnthracite grey (Gris 900 Sablé).301050-329
no-image placeholder Spigot for post arm Ø 60 mmAlu-grey (RAL 9006, gloss 70).301050-235
no-image placeholder Spigot for post arm Ø 60 mmBlack (RAL 9005)301050-230
no-image placeholder Spigot for post arm Ø 60 mmWhite (RAL 9010, gloss 50)301050-311
Spigot for post arm Ø 60 mmUntreated301050
Bracket for Vialume 1Bracket for Ø 60 mm post top. Alu-grey (RAL 9006).309900