A corridor luminaire installed where the ceiling and wall meet. The light is distributed on the ceiling and wall for a varied light experience and distinct sense of space.


For ceiling or wall mounting. Normally installed at the junction between the ceiling and wall.


Cable entry at both ends, double entry in the middle towards the wall or ceiling. Fitted as standard with a 5-way snap-in terminal block in the centre. Luminaires for dimming, 1-phase through-wiring possible. Knock-out at each end.


Luminaire body and louvre in enamelled sheet steel and ends in die-cast aluminium (RAL 9016 structured). Asymmetrical light distribution for direct lighting and light opening (cross-blade louvre) on the front lighting the ceiling and wall.


Lamell – lamell louvre in white enamelled sheet steel with perforated front integrated into a single unit (finish as above).


Metallised reflector with excellent reflection characteristics (> 92 %) with slightly asymmetrical function, see polar diagram.


Most models can also be equipped with other ballasts for dimming.


The luminaire can on request be equipped with through-wiring (3-way or 5-way) and block in the end-caps and/or HF-ballast for dimming.


Sektor are luminaires to light corridors. The luminaires are installed in the junction of the wall and ceiling to light the corridor with a soft, asymmetrical light.Sektor has a contour that naturally blends into the angle...

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