Vidi is an innovative corridor lighting solution based on providing a greater proportion of incidental light for a more varied experience and a clearer sense of space. Vidi is available in three models; ceiling, corner and wall luminaires, with different light distribution and mounting options. All presented in a contemporary, minimalist design.

The need for glare-free lighting is particularly great in corridors and other transition areas. The concept has been developed for optimal lighting ergonomics and satisfies the EN-12461-1 requirements for ceiling and wall luminance, as well as other visual aspects. A higher proportion of reflected light produces a soft, pleasant lit environment and contributes to a dynamic perception of the room. The increase in the ambient levels ensures the whole area is lit where people are moving about, making it easier to perceive objects and to see the faces of people you encounter

 The luminaires in the Vidi-family are characterised by an understated yet stylish design, adding aesthetic qualities to the most diverse environments. The luminaire housing has clean, simple lines and steps away from the traditional corridor lighting – an insightful and proactive way of creating well-lit rooms with human comfort very much at the centre.

Design Ola Granlund and Leif Igelström