A decorative suspended luminaire in different colours and two sizes for all types of conference/entertainment rooms. Fabric cord and white finish inside.


Two point suspension c/c 55–78 mm.


Snap-in terminal block 5x1.5 mm², through-wiring possible.


The luminaire shade in spun aluminium, specular black or white. Other colours on request. Supplied with colour coordinated fabric cord and specular, steel ceiling cup. Ø 250 mm: 2.3 m. Ø 400 mm: 3.8 m.


DALI/Phase-pulse control as standard.

Designed by

Sabina Grubbe.


A cut-out in the ceiling cup is made using cutters 94248 for a surface mounted mains cable.


Terso is available in other colours on request.

Steel ceiling cup is attached using magnets; avoiding visible screws.


Terso and Terso Flat are two powerful pendant luminaires with a simplistic design that is key to catching the onlooker’s eye.

Producing a comfortable general light, and available in two different sizes, Terso is an ideal...

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Art.no. Effect, W Lumen output CCT, K Colour Diameter, mm Light control
Art.no. Effect, W Lumen output CCT, K Colour Diameter, mm Light control
54540-402 21 1680 3000 White 250 DALI/Phase-pulse
54541-402 20 1680 4000 White 250 DALI/Phase-pulse
54542-402 21 1680 3000 Black 250 DALI/Phase-pulse
54543-402 20 1680 4000 Black 250 DALI/Phase-pulse
54544-402 31 2370 3000 White 400 DALI/Phase-pulse
54545-402 29 2370 4000 White 400 DALI/Phase-pulse
54546-402 31 2370 3000 Black 400 DALI/Phase-pulse
54547-402 29 2370 4000 Black 400 DALI/Phase-pulse