Parcare is a completely new, LED-based concept for car parks and garages. This space-creating combination, comprising a ceiling luminaire and a wallwasher, contributes to a pleasant environment and increased feeling of safety.

Parcare is a space-creating luminaire which builds on a combination of ceiling-mounted luminaires and wallwashers. The ceiling luminaire operates as a light well, much like a skylight or source of daylight. The wallwasher is mounted in the ceiling and distributes light across the walls. In this way the room is more clearly defined and feels lighter and more welcoming. It is also makes it easier to spot incidents and other people in the car park.

The area of application is wide, stretching from entire floors in multi-storey car parks to garages and residential parking. A carefully thought-out design combines a high IP rating and robust design with a welcoming and stylish concept. We wanted to create a highly-functional luminaire which fulfilled industrial requirements but was also reminiscent of interior luminaires.

PThe Parcare-concept was developed on the basis of LED technology and has now been adapted for the market’s leading control system, offering enhanced safety and reducing the energy used. Utilising the DALI system and presence detectors it is possible to save up to 72 % of the energy consumption, while using twice as many luminaires as in a traditional garage solution.


Parcare Ceiling

Parcare Wallwasher