Café and restaurant

What is the best lighting for bagels?

As a customer at a restaurant or bar, we do not only by a cup of coffee or eat lasagne. That, we could do at home. When we visit a restaurant or a café we are buying an experience. Maybe a time to socialise with our friends or loved ones. Maybe a time to work in peace, or even better - a time to relax from work. Perhaps a time to celebrate, or just daydream and escape the reality.

At Fagerhult we apply our understanding of consumer behaviour to restaurant and cafe lighting. Lighting design, together with decorative luminaires, stimulates the senses and complements the experienced brand identity throughout the premises.

Concept design

Understanding consumer needs is the key to designing the right experience. Trends come and go, and within social spots and venues like bars, cafés and restaurants you as a customer are often searching for something more than just a glass of wine or a cupcake. That is where we help creating sceneries and set moods. Our 75 years within the industry has given us a vast knowledge about humans and lighting.

Across brand identity and brand experience, we help create memorable moments for your customers to experience and share.


Brand experience

Using lighting and luminaires as a part of the interior design, is an effective way of enhancing the brand experience. By benchmarking and trend analyses, we at Fagerhult are able to develop lighting concepts to help our clients make the right brand impact on their customers. Nowadays, it is also important to bear in mind that sharing images of your venue is a brand builder in itself.

Social shares and the sense of ‘brand love’ is a natural behaviour for the next generation of consumers.

What exactly makes a dish visually appealing?

Sustainability and adaptability

Like all retail environments, the café and restaurant space should be adaptable to seasons and trends. With our different settings, colour temperature and lighting control systems, you can create a change in the impression of the room – even with small means. Our aim is to give you a future-proofed experiences that your customer will want to re-visit. The energy efficacy with lighting controls is also a bonus, to save both the planet and unnecessary costs. 

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