Visual comfort in the centre of Varberg

  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Varberg
  • Design: ÅF Lighting
  • Photo: Ulf Celander

Östra Vallgatan runs through the centre of Varberg like a main artery straight through the heart of the town. The street has a double function, which places demands on a flexible lighting solution with visual comfort in the centre.

"Vallgatan is a bus route which also has a pedestrian and cycle pathway on one side, which is why the new lighting solution needed to meet the requirements for both types of traffic," explains Daniel Valentin, who is the consultant responsible at ÅF Lighting. 
But the project also involves issues of a more general nature. 

"Varberg Municipality was about to start phasing out its older lighting luminaires to replace them with LED. Correspondingly, the assignment was also to find a solution that could work in the long-term. To identify a luminaire that would give Varberg Municipality the option to expand it to other parts of the town centre."

Varbergs Energy, which is responsible for operating the town's lighting systems, also requested that the solution be as maintenance free as possible.

The request for an easily maintained standard luminaire with the option of double mounting – one luminaire casing mounted higher up along the bus route and one luminaire casing mounted lower along the cycle and pedestrian pathway – thus became the starting point for the project.

Three types of luminaire were picked out for test mounting, and Fagerhult’s 3000 K Vialume was eventually selected. Fagerhult’s L4 lens is used along the bus route and the E1 lens for the pedestrian and cycle pathway. Today, Östra Vallgatan is lined with 26 posts with two Vialume luminaires mounted at different heights on each post along a 450 m stretch. The relatively short cc distance is influenced by the many trees and intersections along this stretch, and the request for good light levels along the pedestrian pathway. 

Visual comfort

"The visual comfort is one of the greatest advantages with Vialume. The luminaire functions well at different heights and improves visibility for both bus drivers and those using the pedestrian and cycle pathways," explains Daniel Valentin. 
When the installation was performed, LED was relatively new and there were still a lot of questions surrounding glare.

"This is where Vialume stood out, with really good glare values. And I believe that Vialume also performs very well when it comes to visual comfort."

Timeless design

The design of the luminaire was also a contributory factor to the selection of Vialume.

"The luminaire is a timeless and attractive design without being boring, which made it a good option for the future. In addition, the customer selected painted poles, which I personally think look really good. This gives the luminaire an extra finish and boosts the aesthetic value even further," concludes Daniel.

Products used in this project