London South Bank University, Passmore Centre

A fusion of old and new.

London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of London’s largest and oldest universities. Since 1892 the University has been a provider of accredited and professionally recognised education. This project needed to take into account the historical aspects of the building’s architecture to produce a modern solution and a timeless fusion of form and function.


To design modern architectural lighting that would complement the beautiful features of the Victorian Passmore Edwards library building. It needed to be a fusion of old and new. The building first opened in 1899 and is named after Victorian philanthropist John Passmore Edwards. The new Passmore Centre will be used for employer meetings, community engagement and teaching, while connecting businesses with potential apprentices from the local area. It needed to be a professional, inviting space.

LSBU is a cosmopolitan university with over 18 000 students drawn from over 130 countries including many from the local South London area. The University hasbeen awarded Silver for teaching excellence under the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework and named ‘University of the Year for Graduate Employment’two years running 2017-8), as well as being recognised as Times Higher (delete ‘Education’) Entrepreneurial University of the Year 2016.

Refurbishment of the Passmore Centre started in January 2018 and was completed in the autumn.


The I-track system is modern and functional while the Leppo pendants in the staircase pay homage to the features of the Victorian staircase. The Pole Lites situated at the entrance to the building light up its impressive facade (delete ‘of the building’) and animate its architectural features. Bega supplied the bollards in the exterior space - making it perfect for informal conversations, and the perfect spot for collaboration within the community.

Professor David Phoenix, Vice-Chancellor of LSBU said: "I am delighted that we are able to bring this historic building back into use as the new Passmore Centre for professional and technical education. It is a modern inviting space and will provide investment in the people of our borough and a boost for our local economy too."