Filbornaverket : Sweden


A new landmark with lights from Fagerhult

Helsingborg is located in the south of Sweden and is one of the oldest cities in the Nordic region. 4 km of water separates the city from Denmark and the city is popularly known as "the Pearl of the Inlet". The city has a new thermal power plant which is visible over the whole vicinity - thanks to lighting from Fagerhult.


Filbornaverket in Helsingborg is Europe's most modern waste-fired cogeneration plant and was completed in 2013. The facility utilizes 100 percent of the energy from the waste. Filbornaverket has a highly effective flue-gas cleaning system which reduces the air emission to a minimum.

The building is 155 meters long and almost 50 meters high with a stack of 85 meters. Filbornaverket is located east of Helsingborg and is clearly visible from the highway with its round enlightened profile.

The lights can be seen from miles away and adds a little extra to our plant. Just like the icing on a cake, says Jesper Baaring, project manager at Filbornaverket.


The customer wanted to highlight the shape of the building with a line of light along the roof. Because of the height of the building the challenge was to find luminaires that requires easy installation and minimal maintenance. Fagerhult contributed with knowledge and a product that fitted the purpose perfectly.

Rotating LED Tube is an adjustable luminaire that provides many opportunities for lighting of facades and large surfaces. Its length can be adjusted manually, thanks to its LED solution which makes it adaptable to a variety of projects - with up to ten fixtures in a row. The luminaire's transparent ends also prevent shadowing between fixtures, providing smooth and comfortable light.

Because of the installation, Filbornaverket has become a new landmark for the city of Helsingborg, says Mattias Olofsson-Lagerqvist, sales representative at Fagerhult.

Products from Simes are distributed via Fagerhult in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia.

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