Eco consciousness reflected in the design

  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Partille
  • Design: Studio Streck
  • Photo: Paul Esplana

”Fika”, the Swedish concept, to enjoy a coffee together with pastries, has become increasingly a larger part of a swede's every-day life. A café today, is a place to socialise, study and work - not only enjoy your coffee.

Cederleüfs & Svenheimer is a family cafe business in Gothenburg, Sweden. With knowledge of three generations they produce locally baked products. The interior design company Studio Streck came up with a new concept, that reflected the knowledge and eco consciousness in the store, in materials and colours and luminaires.

Fagerhult delivered a lighting concept with spotlight Marathon (medium beam). The luminaries provide general light and highlight the displays and cashier area. To avoid glare in the cashier area honeycomb accessories were used. The redesign stimulates sales and makes the pastries and bread look even better. 

Products used in this project