An eye-candy for the style-hungry

The leading retailer of luxury goods in Russia, Bosco di Ciliegi, opened Bosco store, the conceptual project in which Fagerhult products were selected for the lighting.


The Bosco concept was developed by Karim Rashid. The designer’s prominent style with its biomorphic forms and neon colours, newfangled technology and the choice of materials – plastic, glass and metal – contributed much to the impression of a sci-fi movie interior blended with ethereal gigantic fruits.

Build around a circle

The geometry is build around a circle, where the open space is divided into male and female zones by a big orange module in the center. LCD displays on walls and op-art décor are a few more ingredients to add to this colorful cocktail.

Bright, clean and surreal lighting

The lighting design for such an environment was not an easy task to solve. The lighting had to complement the general design concept, be functional as well as emotional and avoid distracting the viewer.

Reflexions (France) created the lighting concept and Fagerhult was the chosen lighting supplier. As a result the concept store was framed with a bright, clean, surreal lighting where the visitor is plunged into a masterfully crafted space. Bosco is truly an eye-candy for the style-hungry!


A holistic approach was successfully found by applying Fagerhult’s ZoneSingle fixtures and Pleiad Compact downlights of different diameters.

General light and local accent light

In order to create a feeling of a single entity of the space, swiveling spotlights ZoneSingle MT were used both for the general lighting and local accent lighting. High illuminance level and excellent colour rendering helped to avoid additional lighting of racks inside the “fruit-like” modules and to highlight the hallucinogenic flowing colours of the interior.

Visual comfort

The white glossy floor with a high reflection factor added to the effect. Pleiad Compact 215 and 255 intended to serve as the general lighting in the lounge areas and the cafeteria zone, providing the best visual comfort and output and at the same time creating an unobtrusive lighting environment.

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