There are ever increasing demands on the reduction of energy consumption, for both economic and environmental reasons. The need to be able to value the overall light quality in a room, both with respect to the lighting experience and the operating cost, was the inspiration behind the AQ index.

The AQ index (Application Quality Index) is a model that describes a way to interpret the lighting experience together with parameters which show energy consumption and operating costs for a specific room.

The lighting solution’s quality index is based on five different parameters with the aim of showing the total quality of a lighting installation for a specific room. The operating cost parameter takes the energy consumption, product efficiency, illumination and the recommended maintenance of the lighting within a room into consideration.

The value of all the parameters is based on the different criteria, which are shown in the form of a table. The final presentation which appears in the pentagon should be seen as a value of system solutions within the room – the room’s lighting experience together with the energy consumption and operating cost of the lighting.

The evaluation is normally made by a lighting planner at the design stage, but can also be carried out by an inspector on an existing installation.

Parameters for evaluation of the total AQ index

Lighting experience

Is based on the total VBE index, i.e. a subjective evaluation of the visual, biological and emotional parameters within the room.

Energy consumption

Describes the energy consumption and is valued according to the room’s calculated LENI figure in accordance with EN 15193. The calculated LENI index describes the room’s energy consumption expressed in kWh/m² per year.

Product efficiency

For luminaires including light sources – stated as an LLE index for all luminaires in the room. The calculated LLE value is expressed in lm/W.

Lighting control

Describes which type of control system is used in the room.

Recommended maintenance

Is the interval for maintenance of the lighting in the room, with regards to cleaning, servicing and changing light sources, recommended by the lighting planner.