Why HF-ballast?

Research studies have indicated that people in workplaces where luminaires equipped with HF-ballasts are used feel better, are less tired and achieve more. Not everyone is aware of the flicker from fluorescent lamp luminaires equipped with ordinary ballasts, however the brain still registers the flashing.

As the HF-ballast utilises energy more efficiently, i.e. the installed luminaire output and performance losses are lower, there is also less heat. Thanks to this, cooling and air conditioning equipment can be dimensioned with a reduced output, giving both purchasing and operation cost savings.

Maintenance and service costs are lower due to the increased life of the light sources. When re-lamping you no longer need to change the starter, as the ignition function is integrated in the HF-ballast.

HF-ballasts are the environmental choice 

HF-ballasts are environmentally friendly. The HF-ballast makes the greatest contribution towards the environment through energy savings. Another important environmental factor is that the life span of the fluorescent lamp increases on average by 15 %, which reduces the mercury load on the surroundings.

Advantages of HF-ballasts

  • Quick, flicker free ignition.
  • Flicker free lighting.
  • Very small magnetic field.
  • The light source works under optimal conditions and gives the correct luminous flux independent of fluctuations in the supply voltage.
  • Extends the life span of the light source.
  • Low harmonics (THD).
  • Switches off defective fluorescent lamps (no disturbing flashing).
  • Save 20 % energy on average. A 60 % saving is possible through dimming, constant light control and/or with occupancy detection.
  • Dimming of fluorescent lamps is only possible with HF-ballasts.
  • Low thermal loss.
  • No stroboscopic effect.