HF-ballast – Fagerhult’s policy

When designing luminaires we make sure that the temperature of the HF ballast does not become too high, as this can shorten the life span. When a luminaire is installed and used correctly the life span for the HF-ballast is at least 50.000 hours with a maximum 10 % fault frequency. This applies at an ambient temperature of 25 °C (ta) unless otherwise stated for the product.

We also employ our own policy where we set more stringent requirements, over and above the tc-temperatures stated by the HF-ballast manufacturers. We have voluntarily chosen to add a general safety margin during testing. This margin may be seen to be small, however, it results in an expected longer theoretical life span for our products compared with using the data provided by the HF manufacturers.

The choice of the right HF-ballasts for respective products is also important. Unfortunately at the present time there is no HF-ballast on the market which, in all technical respects, is best. Some ballasts have better EMC-properties than others, some are cooler and some have lower leakage current. There is also a great deal of difference in size between different HF ballasts. We consider these parameters and then select the ballast that is best suited to the luminaire in question.

Fagerhult only uses high quality HF-ballasts from leading manufacturers in its luminaires.

Temperature example

Examples of temperature margins for a number of typical lumi-naires are presented in the adjacent table. The stated margins concern luminaires with standard HF. The margin relates to the maximum tc-temperature stated by the manufacturer to give a life span of at least 50.000 hours with a maximum failure rate of 10 %. Please contact our customer service department if you require data for other products. 

ProductOutputTemperature margin
Luminaires for fluorescent lamps    
Loop Light 3×35 W > 20 °C
Zora 2×54 W > 25 °C
Ten° Line 3×28 W > 15 °C
Closs 2×35 W > 15 °C
Excis 4×54 W > 5 °C
Recessed fluorescent lamp luminaires    
MultiFive Basic 2×49 W > 10 °C
Indigo Combo 2×28 W > 20 °C
Pozzo 1×60 W > 15 °C
Industry luminaires    
Inducon (ta35) 2×49 W > 15 °C
Densus 2×49 W > 5 °C
AllFive 2×35 W > 15 °C
Pleiad Comfort G2 1×32 W > 10 °C
Pleiad Compact surface 1×26 W > 20 °C
Pleiad Compact G2 2×26 W > 15 °C
Decorative luminaires    
Discovery 1×26 W > 10 °C
Discovery Space 2×18 W > 15 °C