About Fagerhult

Fagerhult is one of Europe’s leading lighting groups with approximately 2,300 employees and operations in 17 countries. We create energy efficient lighting solutions focused on integrating into their individual environments.

In 2005 we established our New Zealand presence in order to service the growing market in this country. With support from our sister company Eagle Lighting Australia, we are able to provide world-class design and manufacturing services within our region, giving us the ability to control the whole production process. Providing for better quality assurance, better customisation and better production times.

As a member of the Fagerhult Group, we have access to global support, resources and knowledge in all aspects of the lighting industry. The single biggest benefit of being part of this global network is in manufacturing support. We have a network of global support through first class manufacturing facilities in:

  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Habo and Ahus in Sweden
  • Manchester and Sutton in England
  • Suzhou in China
  • Tettnang in Germany

Sustainability and the Environment

We create lighting solutions which help people to optimize their capacity with minimal influence on the environment. It is a responsibility we have and a contribution we make to the world around us. Because light requires energy and the greatest environmental impact arising from a fitting is the flow of electricity through the fitting. Energy efficient fittings form the core of our environmental work.

Our overriding ambition is to limit a fitting’s environmental effect during its entire life cycle – from development, manufacturing, and usage to recycling.

Intelligent Lighting and Human Emotion

The importance of light to human operations and well-being is our driving force. It’s a well known fact of life that light makes us feel good. Light affects us not just in a visual sense, but biologically and emotionally as well. New research has shown that good lighting actually increases job satisfaction in learning environments.

We actively participate in lighting research through the Fagerhult Lighting Academy which distributes knowledge within the group and wider industry through e-learning seminars, conferences and courses. 

LED Technology and the Future

LED has revolutionised the lighting landscape; high light flows ensure superb efficiency and economy, with a life span of tens of thousands of hours. Fagerhult are developing luminaires specifically for LEDs, creating viable, practical solutions across the whole spectrum of a lighting project. Drawing on over half a century of lighting know-how and innovation, our approach focuses on softening the intensity of the light to create a harmony between efficiency and comfort.

As electricity prices rise, low power consumption becomes increasingly important. LED is superior to all other alternatives on the market in terms of energy efficiency and life span.

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