Efficient work-light with an easy installation using Organic Response

  • Year: 2017
  • Collaborators: Ateljé Lyktan
  • Location: Oslo

Vika Eiendomsforvaltning AS is a facilities management company in central Oslo. Their portfolio includes Sandakerveien 114, a modern office building containing 6 floors with a combined area of 6000 square meters, located between Nydalen and Storo.

The exterior of the building has been updated in recent times, with a new contemporary facade, and outdoor areas to match. Visitors are also met with an updated remodelled ground floor entrance. Since the premises house several office spaces in a large area, the need for great working-light packaged in an energy-efficient solution was clear. A modern update to the interior to mirror the exterior. The essential needs of the project were an energy efficient solution with a simple installation process with wireless communication.

A collaboration between Vika Eiendomsforvaltning AS and Fagerhult Norway for the project came naturally, since there is history in prior projects together. In line with the clean and modern feel, Fagerhults popular Notor 78 replaced the existing luminaires. Previous luminaires lacked consistency in its colour matching due to larger variations on Kelvins, a problem solved with 4000K being installed in all Notor 78 luminaires resulting in a much cleaner light. Creating an efficient work-light with great design, that also significantly improves the energy-savings.

Focus being on energy efficiency, luminaires were fitted with Fagerhults highly effective and easy to install wireless Organic Respons lighting control-system. A true plug and play system that senses presence through IR. Lighting output is adapted to the amount of daylight, making it even more energy-efficient and a perfect solution for open-plan offices. An option covering all the requirements of the project in one product.

 “We are very pleased to have a modern lighting system, with good energy saving, which at the same time gives minimal disturbance for the tenant during assembly”

Products used in this project