Ramundberget Grytan Kök & Bar

Keeping the pot boiling.

The Grytan (trans. The Pot) has its origins in the copper pot. A place to gather around after a day out on the mountain. These positive connotations, and brand values, was something we needed to assure was transferred in our lighting.


Ramundberget is a tourist resort in western Härjedalen, Sweden, with mainly winter sports. It has been in use since 1936. The resort belongs to Funäsfjällen which consists of several facilities.

In the spring of 2018, a very extensive renovation and expansion started, where the goal was to enhance the experience with a modern but homely look. The central hotell, restaurant, shop and café needed an makeover.

The new concept included a warm intimate dining room. The all-new dining experience at Grytan Kök & Bar is a multifunctional space where there is a new café, lunch, à la carte restaurant, cocktail bar and after-ski activities. It is a warm, intimate family restaurant that changes its atmosphere several times during the day due to service offerings and needs. When the offer changes, the lighting changes!

For the restaurant Grytan Kök & Bar, they wanted an adaption of our spotlight range, to better realign with their brand profile and interior design. Througout the restaurant, the interior had warm red colors, to intensify the family oriented feeling. This was also enhanced with natural materials like warm wood, leather and copper.


In this specific case, we used our versatile spotlight family Touch for the restaurants. It is easily mounted, on tracks or recessed. However, for this project we needed to adjust it a bit to meet the clients need. 

To be able to show your brand’s true personality, Fagerhult offers O.D.D – Fagerhult On Demand Design. On demand design is when our product developers create custom-made applications for a specific customer.

For Grytan Kök & Bar we matched the copper feeling from the restaurant interior on our luminaires. This to give a wholesome and coherent impression in the restaurant. 

The entire lighting concept is based on warm color temperatures where light level, contrast and feel are woven at a consistent pace. In total, the light project is comprised of offices, conference rooms, living rooms, restaurant, break areas, heating cabin, lecture hall, ski hire, reception and two sport shops.