Assen : The Netherlands

Provinciehuis Assen

New lighting for the whole

Wide ranges of adjusted and custom-made light shines over the newly renovated Government House in the Province of Drenthe.


When the Government’s house was renovated several of Fagerhult fittings were installed. The Provinciehuis Assen has office spaces divided into different open plan offices and small cell offices. Fagerhult also provided the corridor and outdoor lighting.

Three phases renovation

The renovation took place in three phases and the employees in the building moved around during the installation process while the new workspaces came to place.

The renovation resulted in that approximately 95 % of the lighting fixtures came from Fagerhult and our partners.


Several of the office spaces were equipped with three rows of luminaires. A daylight sensor was installed in the two rows closest to the windows. And when walking through the corridors our popular downlight series Pleiad leads the way.

Special designed solutions

Ceiling panels of 700x700 mm were special designed in close cooperation with the lighting designer and electrical consultant for this project. The result gave a special Indigo R1 Perfo in this measurement.

Award winning light

The award winning art of light luminaire Open box are installed in the cell offices. For this project the luminaires had integrated presence detectors for the down light.

So that people will not only face dark workspaces through the cell’s glass walls, the luminaire’s up light shines when the place is empty – and the office recieved a new lighting for the whole.