A feeling of home

Hästens, a luxury bed company, recently opened up a new store in Stockholm. The stunning lighting solution is the result of a successful cooperation between Hästens and Fagerhult. The lighting design is cosy, almost private using controls in an advanced way. With only 4,7 W/squaremeter this Hästens store is one of a kind.


The objective with the Hästens store was to create a space as inviting as your own home. A homely and cosy feeling where you can sit down, have a coffee, read a book or even fall a sleep in one of their comfortable beds.

This shop should feel like home but also reflect our history, says Linnea Blank Concept Designer at Hästens.

Hästens started back in 1852 in the small town of Köping, Sweden. Chosen elements in the design of the shop are made in materials that inspired by the original factory.

The lighting is of great importance for the interior design. It makes the shop feel exclusive and homely at the same time.  The shop has two floors. The entry level is bright and open but if you take the stairs one level down you will enter a dark and cosy environment. The lower level is created to increase relaxation and an intimate feeling for customers to feel comfortable to try the beds.

The lighting in this concept is central for the feeling of the brand we want to create, says Linnea. It enhances the luxurious feeling of the store.


The lighting solution

Since Hästens is an exclusive shop with few customers at the same time, it is fairly easy to create a lighting solution with controls and movement sensors. A few activities are also programmed according to what time of day it is.

The low ceiling height of the basement floor welcomes a solution with our LED mini-spotlight, Relay*. The Relay fixture consists of a track with three spotlight heads.. These units create just the right cosy and intimate feeling Hästens were looking to achieve for trying out beds. The Relay spotlights consumes only 6-7 watt compared to that of a regular one with 17 watt. With this lighting solution we are able to keep the consumption down to an amazing 4,7 W per m2.

Using that kind of narrow beam spotlights with such low output was not obvious for us. It meant taking a chance, to try something new. We tested it thoroughly before installing it, says Paul Esplana Lighting Designer at Fagerhult.

This intelligent lighting design also contributed to the low energy consumption, only 4,7 W/m2.

 At the entrance floor is brighter and has a welcoming feeling. The lighting solution is created to lead the customers into the store. There are a few exclusive beds for display and areas for discussion and relaxation. The lighting solution has a high level of comfort, which can be achieved by putting capcones on the spotlights. The spotlight used here is Zone Evo LED.

 The lighting solution in the stairs leading to the bottom floor is created to make it feel luxurious and create curiosity, not to be mistaken for personnel or warehouse stairs.

The light control system

The control system is based on five different scenes. Amongst the functions there is a possibility to lower the accents- and integrated lighting in selected areas. This is very useful, especially when it comes down to trying out the bed that is right for you without the risk of blinding.

 A sensor is placed so when some one is entering the door the accent lighting at the demo bed is lit up to create attention to the bed. There is also a night-light in the shop perfectly balanced with the streetlights outside. The outside logo sign is programmed to switch one hour before sunset and to switch off one hour after sunrise.

A consious company

As a conclusion Hästens is really satisfied with the solution, which is both energy efficient, coherent with their brand and future proofed since there are more control options. Hästens has a strict environmental policy. They use mainly material from the surrounding area like Swedish pine and steel. All textiles are eco-certified. Sustainability and local production is central for Hästens why they choose Fagerhult as a lighting partner to provide a creative and very energy efficient lighting solution.

*Relay Spot G2 is no longer in production.