Sønderborg : Denmark

Alsion, University of south Denmark

Daylight sensation

A seamless transition from day to night gives a daylight sensation at Alsion at the university of south Denmark. Fagerhult’s integrated systems and special solutions realised the architect’s vision of a ”light house” that was nominated for the Danish lighting award.


In the southern part of Jutland in Denmark lies an exceptional building of 28 428 square meters, with its well planned architecture it embraces as much natural light as possible. Alsion is the first building in Denmark that combines education, research and culture in one roof.

Glass spaces with saving potential

The building is created around the idea of a “light house” with many glass spaces that enhance an enormous energy saving potential with the incoming daylight.

Multifunctional building

The University was founded to bring young students to the more remote parts of Denmark and to supply a bigger flow of students to Sønderborg. The University also contains a cultural centre and a section for developing companies, in order to facilitate growth for small innovative companies.


Fagerhult’s competence and understanding of the architects vision gave the project a custom made solution so that the electric light fell natural at its place. The luminaires also maintained as many of the qualities of the daylight as possible.

Discrete Notor

The architect also wanted as little of the fixtures shown in the building, which made Fagerhult’s discrete luminaire Notor an excellent choice.

It was our knowledge about light that was the reason the architect choose Fagerhult, we understood his vision and convinced him that we would be able to make his lighting dreams come true, says Henrik Clausen, Manager of Fagerhult’s Lighting Academy.

Nominated light art

The same year the university was ready to receive its students, it also got nominated to the Danish lighting award with the jury’s motivation:

Incredibly beautiful coexistence between daylight, light-art and architecture. The artificial lighting gives a fine accenture of the architecture.


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