Looking into the future for the lighting solutions of tomorrow

In this issue of the Innovator we celebrate the 70th birthday of Fagerhult. When discussing what these 70 years represent the answer came quickly – 70 years of lighting knowledge, 70 years of innovation with focus on creating light that is good for people. This knowledge and innovation journey started with our founder, Bertil Svensson, wanting to give his mother the experience of doing her handicraft in good lighting. What began with a smartly designed floor lamp became our DNA. Our curiosity, innovative mind-set and the knowledge we have built over the years have prepared us for any challenge to come. Challenges in new technologies, new materials and new findings.


70 years of lighting knowledge


e-Sense Tune - lighting
becomes personal 

Fagerhult is the story of a man who saw the world with new eyes. Who spotted opportunities in technological advancements and in the world around him. And who shared his visions with others like him. 70 years later, our driving forces are still innovation and knowledge – with a human focus.



Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lighting exactly as you want it, a light that adapts to your needs and personal preferences? Mimicking daylight, saving energy and energising you? e-Sense Tune does all that, and more. Now it’s a reality; the truly personal lighting solution.




A feeling of home


Copenhagen connecting

The luxury bed company Hästens new shop concept is based on recreating a feeling of home where you can sit down, have a coffee, read a book or even fall a sleep when trying out one of their comfortable beds.



Copenhagen brings connectivity to a new level. In the project Copenhagen Connecting the streetlights play a key role in the infrastructure for the new “smart city”.