The ultimate foodie experience in the new issue of The Innovator

This new Innovator magazine is all about presenting innovation and trends that will spark your imagination. Previously we have had different themes and focus areas. This issue is dedicated to different food sectors like hypermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and cafes.

The foodie issue

Food and health are becoming increasingly important in our lives. The term “foodie” has been used for some time now and social media is exploding with different food experiences. A foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and seeks new food experiences rather than simply eating out of hunger. Our passion for light is equivalent to the foodies passion for food!

As a retail partner we prepare for upcoming trends and develop suitable lighting concepts with our customers target group in mind. In this issue you will find the process which takes us to what we consider the best possible solution for our customers.


Studio Streck about creating a bakery concept


Kitchen Ghosts is cooking delicious cinemagraphs

When the interior designers at Studio Streck create a shop concept it is always based on the customer’s brand and perspective. This is something they incorporated when devising Cederleüf & Svenheimer’s new bakery concept; connecting craftsmanship, tradition, caring and sustainability in one and the same shop concept.

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Kitchen Ghosts is a duo that has taken the foodie culture to a higher level. By focusing on displaying homemade food and its handcraft in a tasteful way their stylish imagery has caught the attention of foodies all over the world. To find out more about them and their interesting work, we asked them a few questions.

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Lifestyle choices and their effects on the food industry


Convergence: Restaurant Noma in collaboration with Club Monaco

Strong is the new skinny, LCHP instead of LCHF, dieting with Instagram and slow food instead of fast food. How will these trends effect the food industry?

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What is your industry? Retail? Restaurant? Interior Design, Hospitality or Entertainment? And does it really matter? In The Convergence Economy brands are trans boundary, embracing collaboration and cross over projects.

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