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Demanding light with no way out

The 'old building' of the Van der Hoeven Kliniek (TBS) dates from the 70s -80s. The interior needed upgrading so as to meet modern demands and requirements. This renovation had an extremely tight schedule with strict deadlines as (the) patients were transferred to different prison facilities while work was in progress and needed to move back as soon as possible under police supervision. For this assignment a construction team was formed and Fagerhult was approached for this very specialized and demanding project.


The Van der Hoeven Kliniek is a centre for clinical forensic psychiatry. Detention under a hospital order is unique to the Netherlands. The hospital’s aim is to help make society safer. It does this by teaching patients how to live in a correct and responsible way once released. As the patients are not allowed to leave the building, everything must be available within the premises such as healthcare, shops, sports facilities and workshop areas. The clinic believes that work provides patients with daily activity, structure, an income and a feeling of self-worth too.


Fagerhult’s first idea was to use vandal resistant luminaires but the TBS clinic explained that the best way to prepare patients for the outside world is not to treat them as criminals but to have the rooms equipped as normal as possible. Given our experience with penitentiaries, we offered a lighting design meeting the specific safety demands regarding height and loose parts of the luminaires. The risk of escape is always present.

There are different levels of freedom within the clinic. Not every group is allowed to go outside. Therefore daylight mimicking is necessary, an expertise Fagerhult could easily provide. The various living areas such as kitchen, dentist, workshop areas, corridors and solitary cells were mainly lit using downlighters. In the end, the deadlines were met and Fagerhult had a one-chance opportunity to take some pictures the day before the patients came back.

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