Vulcan bridge : Sweden

Magical feeling in Tidaholm

A river of light

The small town of Tidaholm in the west of Sweden wanted to illuminate the river Tidan running through the city. The result is breathtaking. The light provided by Fagerhult and Simes creates magical effects in the river and its surrounding areas.


Tidaholm is a small town in the west of Sweden, 2 hours from Gothenburg. The city is best known for its match factory which was founded in 1868 and built on the island Vulcan in the river Tidan.

The town council wanted to create a feature of the beautiful river surroundings around the Vulcan island, making the area more attractive for visitors and inhabitants during the dark hours.

Tidaholm contacted Fagerhult and received a lighting design that enhances the running water and ads an exciting atmosphere to the area. 

The idea of the installation is to accentuate the water and our beautiful walkway along the river Tidan. The reactions from the public has been entirely positive. We would like to continue our good cooperation with Fagerhult and illuminate the rest of the river Tidan and its surroundings, says Peter Eriksson, town council in Tidaholm.  

Close cooperation

The close cooperation between Fagerhult and the installer was of great importance for this project. Visualisations were made and after a workshop with full-scale test lighting the customer wanted to proceed with products from both Fagerhult and Simes.

Fagerhult is always very helpful and is really good at visualisations. It is a strength for us when we communicate with the customersays Johan Ekelund from EJ:s Elektriska.


For this project several products from Fagerhult and Simes has been used. 

Minislot wall lights up the walls just by the river. Under the bridges the projectors Wip Floodlight and Minifocus spreads light over the water. The bollard Beacon* has been installed along the walkway leading to the fountain where Minipool creates cool lighting effects in the water.

When dealing with lighting in public places, it is important that the products are of high quality. We feel we can trust the products from both Fagerhult and Simes, says Johan Ekelund.

Products from Simes are distributed via Fagerhult in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia.

*Beacon has been replaced with Verda bollard.

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