Thales : The Netherlands


A spacious open-plan work place

The recent renovation of the Thales Netherlands headquarters has complimented the building's striking design. The old cellular office layout has been revamped into a spacious open-plan work place, with a clean design and flexible lighting to facilitate their Activity Based Working approach.


The head office of Thales Netherlands is situated in Hengelo, and it is the central heart of a big complex called "The Huygens project". Fagerhult was chosen as the proud partner to cooperate with LKSVDD Architecten, DWA, Kippers Interieur and Linthorst Installatietechniek, from the first sketches until completion.

Gerhard Kippers from Kippers Interieur says; "We wanted to achieve an office for Activity Based Work, by changing the cell offices into large more open spaces creating an exciting experience. Not only space, but also colour and indirect lighting were given a major role in this transformation. Fagerhult really understood what was necessary to achieve this designed interior concept."


Since colour and indirect lighting was an essential aspect of the project, the interior design was developed through a close collaboration between the architects, technicians and Fagerhult. By using a combination of Tigris*, Pleiad G3 and Tibi LED luminaires, a building that is natural, exciting and fun was created.

In the central atrium the pendant Tibi, in various measurements, gives a natural and vivid effect, in line with the architect's wishes for an exciting main space of the building.

The working areas, however, play the most important role in the building, where 500 Tigris with direct/indirect light were installed. The indirect part of the lighting creates a sense of space, while the direct part gives functional light.

For general lighting, a less uniform approach meant the Pleiad G3 downlights were chosen, and the use of 1100 fittings resulted in the illumination of an area that is both exciting as well as effective.

*Tigris is no longer in production.

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