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L’atelier de Courcelles

Right mix for white interior

CWF is a French company which is the European leader of top-of-the range & luxury children fashion and handles brands under licence such as Boss, Burberry and DKNY. The CWF stores are called “L’atelier de Courcelles”.


CWF has an international presence and the average area/shop is about 100 square meters. For the stores, the French design agency ‘Christophe Pillet’ was chosen to create the store concepts and Fagerhult, with its extensive lighting design office, to create the illumination adding value to the lighting project.

Dramatized concept

A new ‘L’atelier de Courcelles’ store was to be opened in Milano. This particular store had certain requirements in terms of the lighting; because of architectural limitations in the store there was a great need for improving the dramatization of the concept.

Several shops have been completed added to Milano store. The customer is very satisfied and appreciative of the lighting knowledge and huge reactivity provided by Fagerhult. The forecast is to projects 20 more shops till the year of 2013.


As the concept was totally white, minimalist and uncluttered it was important that the lighting should be installed without breaking the lightness of the concept. Therefore a different set of beam angles was chosen to produce the right mix between general lighting and accent lighting; 60° was chosen for larger vertical walls, 30° for horizontal coat hangers and 15° for graphic signs. Light sources with a color temperature of 3000 K were selected to reheat the strict store atmosphere and to emphasize the clothes.

Compact and efficient luminaries

The deep and narrow curved grooves into the ceiling demanded a compact and efficient luminary. For these spaces the vertical Phase1 35 W was chosen. For the other ceiling installations Noc 70/1 and Noc 70/2 35 W provided an adequate, even general light.

Adapted light for stairs

The staircase, made of glass, needed a fixture that was able to ensure lighting levels accordingly to security norms with a minimum of light source replacements (as it is complex to change light sources above the stairs). For that reason Noc LED 35 W was chosen and installed.

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