Dolce Vita : Russia

Dolce Vita

Distinctive contrasts between ambient and display lighting

Dolce Vita is a fashion multiband store in Tyumen, Russia. The store has high quality clothes from well known brands. A request for a complete lighting solution with outstanding standards in finish and lighting was announced. Fagerhult was contacted in order to deliver and fulfill the request.


Interior with deep black and glossy surfaces, a sable fur reception bar, custom made metal displays, down-dimmed ambient but sharp accent lighting were to create Dolce Vita’s unique environment. The lighting concept was based upon distinctive contrasts between ambient and display lighting.

Chic retail environment

The customer was very pleased with the lighting result; now Dolce Vita has an unmistakable chic retail environment with extraordinary finish and illumination. Products, interior and lighting interact perfectly and create a bold atmosphere which invites to great shopping experiences.


The lighting provided was to follow geometrical forms of the displays in order to remain unnoticeable yet accentuating the trim and high quality. The Dolce Vita shop is 230 sq.m.  split into two areas: clothes and shoes with accessories.

Decreased energy consumption

In both areas one and –two module ZoneJump with ZoneBeam MT 35 W and HMG111 65 W were used. Fitting rooms were equipped with Telescope Satin accompanied with a ZoneJump-ZoneBeam combination. Focus on vertical lighting led to decreased energy consumption.