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Spectacular lighting

The newly build 8tallet in Danish Ørestad appears as one of Scandinavia’s most spectacular buildings. And just as spectacular as the architecture is the lighting. In collaboration with the architect office BIG Fagerhult Denmark has customized the innovative lighting solutions that contributes to its unique character.


8tallet is with its 62 000 square meters a whole unique neighbourhood that has been awarded with several prices. Almost 500 apartments is combined with 10 000 square meters of office surface, shops, restaurants and cafés. The lighting have been integrated in the architecture and it is hard to say what came first – the chicken or the egg. 8tallet have been created by the architects BIG which turned to Fagerhult to realize their visions.

This is truly customized lighting. We have thoroughly listened to the architect’s ideas and thereby done our best to realise them with consideration to safety, energy efficiency and light treatment, says Per Reinholt, Technical Manager at Fagerhult Denmark.

BIG had a lot of focus on shadows and light so that the apartments get sun while the offices shelters in the shadows.


One luminare created for this project is LED Handrail. The handrail accentuates walls and walkways along 8tallet strong-sloped roof and consists of LED integrated in a sleek aluminium ledge.

A minimalistic but still robust solution with a high level of energy efficiency, says Per Reinholt.

Light art in all its simplicity

In the passes and walkways the light has been used in an artistic way. An elementary base luminaire developed for 28 W T5 Eco have been built into the walls and gives a striking pattern. The light sources play the leading part also in the stairways.

The architects desire was almost a raw expression with an experience that the fluorescent lamp were hanging straight upside down on the wall. Drawing a luminare for 28 W T5-lightsource and giving it a louvre of clear PC solved this. The strong painted colours of the walls gives a modern impression and also makes it warm and living, concludes Per Reinholt.

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